Michael Everett Glover

The journey for Michael Glover is more important than the destination
and after more than two decades of crossing Canada, his paintings bear
witness to the journey. A painter, musician, storyteller, writer and
passionate Canadian, Michael's search for the less traditionally
picturesque parts of this country document the often overlooked or unseen.
His paintings, although landscape in nature, do not follow conventional
subject matter. Michael is attracted to the abandoned and isolated parts
of the Canadian landscape, the rusted and deserted, the unused and unwanted.

His search has led him not only to chronicle the now long forgotten
parts of the country, but to collect stories from the people he meets
along the way - and Michael loves to talk with the people and listen to
their stories of wilderness, loss, adventure and heartache.

Much of his work is the landscape of this vast country, but
executed with an intimacy that only comes from the artist's
understanding of that subject.

Art Gallery of Northumberland